I’ve always gotten the impression that how Voeckler rides is how Voeckler is. 

(via Cyclingtips—in a piece that also mentioned certain bike race video recaps of some repute)

The MPCC has done a great job of covering the issues I mentioned in my rantcast last year. I’d like to say they must have listened to it, but a lot of my suggested changes were pretty obvious.

Of course, the first non-headline link is still a 404 (if you click on the image associated with it) but my experience with Joomla (the CMS that the site runs on) is that avoiding dead links is alarmingly difficult.

And yes, I have redirected crediblecycling.org and cyclismecredible.fr. Still no word from the MPCC on accepting them as a donation.


So good. Tattoo idea.


So good. Tattoo idea.

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The best trophy in cycling? @ashleygruber and I think so. #trobroleon

I dunno, it can sometimes be a handful…

Cycling: supporting the European RV industry since…forever. 

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Region Nord Pas de Calais’ Roubaix Facebook game. You had to “Like” it before playing it, there was no non-French localization, and it had awkward, uninspired gameplay—think Excitebike but in only one dimension.

But I will say it was carried out with a reasonably cohesive style, perhaps best evidenced in these hero cards from the Player Select screen.

(h/t cadenced)

It pleases me immensely that Paris-Roubaix remains defiantly French.

(h/t to paris_roubaix1973 on Instagram)


Any use of the NBC logo is purely accidental.

Yoann Offredo’s 16th place at #MSR was actually quite impressive, considering his ENTIRE TEAM HAD THEIR LEGS AMPUTATED AT THE KNEE. 


Just under three hours of sleep, if you’re curious.