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QuestionAt what age do people start to take notice of you for being on a pro team. Do people look at juniors or just U23? Answer

I really don’t have any idea. I would guess U23 results carry a lot more weight than juniors, but honestly, that’s an aspect of the sport I have zero interest in.

What I’ve read and heard indicates that making the jump to pro is even more idiotically dependent on personal relationships and unfounded opinions than finding employment in the real world.

Effectively every piece on The Outer Line is peppered with people in middle-management and decision-making positions who have no idea what they’re doing and/or are unwilling to risk their jobs standing up to external pressures and the opinions of people in authority.

I would like to think that things have changed since then, but it’s more or less the same dudes in charge at USAC/the US World Tour teams (maybe excepting Garmin), so I’m not optimistic. 

if you really want to know, though, I’d ask a someone like Adam Myerson or Mike Creed. They’ve seen the process from both sides, and kept pretty straight about it through some very crooked times.

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