Ugh—I hate the way this looks. I really wish it said something to the effect of “this video was a copy of a video uploaded by another user” and then had a link to the “original”—though I hesitate to use that term.

It should surprise no one that I have a very dim view of copyright law (indeed, most IP law) as it currently exists. Had the user remixed my video, or removed my commentary and redubbed his/her own, or added anything original and provided a link back, I would have been fine with it. But simply hitting “upload” doesn’t cross the threshold of reinventing content.

I even sent the user a message on YouTube before filing the complaint, but never heard back. The site itself barely notified me of the takedown—just a form response from “The YouTube Team”. A heavy-handed, sterile process that discourages thought and creativity. Never going to be my thing.

  1. bigringqueen said: I hate that you feel ashamed about asserting your constitutional rights!! You did what’s right and what needed to be done. Good on you.
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