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QuestionSo, Jems Voigt was riding for CSC in 2004, no? I love Jens as much as anyone else, but if he was also at those military-style training camps, aren't there some questions that should be being asked? Answer

Oh yes—OH Yes. Jens is a long-standing question mark.

The rider himself wrote an epic denial of doping/recap of his career in Bicycling about a year-and-half ago in which he claims to have never doped, or been told to dope, or seen any signs of doping through his entire career (1997-2012, when the article was published). This span includes:

  1. East German (enough said) youth development school
  2. German amateur national team (Jan Ullrich was the amateur World Champ in ‘93)
  3. Festina Affair
  4. Team CSC (w/Riis, Hamilton, Basso, Jaksche, both Schlecks)
  5. Operation Puerto
  6. Two Tour of Germany wins (week-long stage race, w/mountains, TT)
  7. RadioShack (w/Armstrong, Bruyneel, etc)

It’s a pretty incredible tale, but at the same time, it’s told with that blunt earnestness that makes Jens an appealing dude. And it’s not entirely far-fetched.

Jon Vaughters has recalled on a few occasions that Gan/Credit Agricole, Jens’ first TdF team, was pretty clean. One of Jens’ Tour of Germany victories had a mountain stage cancelled from snow, and Voigt did progress from being a hardman for the flats (after an early stint in Yellow he was time cut halfway through the final Armstrong Tour) to more of an all-terrain lieutenant as his career progressed (and, presumably, doping reduced).

Voigt also clarifies that by signs of doping, he means first-hand evidence—he had his suspicions about some riders. Certainly, Jens is far more detailed about how he didn’t do drugs than any denier-turned-doper I can think of. Still, the references to his family and hard work are uncomfortably familiar.

I don’t think, ignoring the doping question, that there’s much to say against the guy. Despite being spat on and called a traitor, I’ve seen him in more fan pictures than I can count, and he’s always been forthright and unguarded, whether it’s an unfiltered interview, or riding a tandem with a blind dude.

I’m pretty meh about doping revelations from a certain time period. I definitely think it’s important to recognize the people who kept clean, but I’m also not shattered when I find out someone I liked didn’t. Either way, I’d probably still consider myself a fan of Jens

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