Housewarming gifts apparently probably not maybe left (see below) by two RusVelo riders at their Tour of America’s Dairyland PSCS host housing—to the surprise of no-one, really. Worth mentioning that this is Katusha’s Pro Continental squad? Or that Eki is one of their directors?

UPDATE: original photo has now been deleted, which means it was probably just a picture of Russian drugs someone received on the Internet. (see below). Reportedly several PEDs pictured (or not).

UPDATE UPDATE: So I’m getting DMs me telling me it’s real, and from‎ Prairie State Cycling Series, not ToAD, but that the host family doesn’t want to talk about it and threw away the drugs. Of course, no one wants to speak publicly about, name names, etc. Silence doesn’t promote clean sport.

(via @adammyerson)

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    My room before attempting a strava segment.
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    Aside from the blood bag in the bottom right corner, the bulk of this stuff looks like pretty innocuous vitamins and...
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    In the current climate, if you’re doping, I sure as hell hope you’d been smart enough not to leave all your kit behind....
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    Flock can anyone translate the labels ? cyclocosm: p
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