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Let’s take the Wayback Machine to the 2006 Tour of Utah, to hear Bob Roll give an interview to KCPW's Julie Rose.

Of Note:

  • 00:41 - cycling ratings “as strong as hockey” on OLN
  • 01:14 - on American stage races, “Tour de Georgia’s big”
  • 02:08 - re: Tour DAY France pronunciation,”You say it right; I’m just kidding”
  • 04:19 - “Post-Lance worldwide there’s—the ratings are down for all countries”
  • 05:20 - re: TdF production logistics, “A lot of Hollywood people are like, ‘you’ve gotta be kidding’”
  • 06:40 -  re: doping, “OK so, during the Tour they probably carry out a thousand anti-doping procedures…”
  • 09:22 - re: Landis, “Not enough testosterone in the world to triple your levels in a urine sample in 24 hours time”
  • 10:00 - Testosterone “helps the muscles, you know, absorb nutrients, and that’s not what you want as a bike racer”
  • 10:31 - “During Lance’s seven years reign there was [sic] very few stories and nothing substantial”
  • 11:29 - French Media Conspiracy begins
  • 12:26 - “And I’m not talking about the race organizers”
  • 12:43 - “This is five guys…” [Apparently running the conspiracy?]
  • 13:03 - “And you can’t really say too much about it when you’re racing, but now I can talk about it, since it’s my job…”
  • 14:06 - “No matter how many tests Lance took—thousands—all negative—thousands of tests, they find no qualms with disregarding all of those and moving forward with the preposterous agenda that nobody believes…”
  • 15:09 - Sick ringtone.
  • 15:58 - “At night, I’ve drank so much in the evening that I pass out and I’m dead to the world”
  • 17:30 - “The feeling of satisfaction that you get after a bike ride…is something that I haven’t really experienced as a journalist”
  • 17:59 - “The cameraman films the opening and goes to sleep for five hours”

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