(From Jo Momma’s Coffee, via ROAD Magazine’s FB page.)

This has been making the rounds, but it’s important to note Jo Momma’s website contains the phrase “Coffee and Bicycles, of course!” The shop even rents cruisers.

People have been spite-reviewing their Yelp page, but I think it might be more effective to call them up and ask what lunch is on Thursday, and follow up with (polite) questions on why they aren’t open.

The point would be to show them that #ATOC fans and riders in spandex aren’t “jerk BIKE people”—in fact, they’re almost certainly part of someone else’s “local bike community”.

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    Boycott these bitchezzz!
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    Yeah fuck that
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    fuck them
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    Fuck you Jo Momma’s Coffee, you suck. Don’t need your coffee, i prefer AMGEN Tour.
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    everyone loves tour of california (we hope that black bloc will be there soon)
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    ITS SO HARD TO READ DUE TO THE POOR KERNING AND SPACING! If you’re gonna post an angry sign, at least make it look good!
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