In typical Euro-statist largesse, cyclists in Spain are granted 1.5 meters—nearly five feet—of passing space. The economic parallels between this and their crippling unemployment rate are obvious.

On a more serious note, this does seem like a whole lot of room. I’ve always been very comfortable with the three feet promulgated as safe on massive American roads, and indeed, find it terrifying when riders give upwards of 6 feet as it betrays a wild lack of awareness for where their bumpers actually are.

  1. coffeeslot said: I don’t know if you get what we call b-doubles (semis with an extra trailer), but every time one goes past it’s a great argument for wider mandatory passing distances.
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    This is an interesting take on things - personally, I’m ecstatic when drivers give more room than I expected, and a 6ft...
  3. johnthemonkey said: I dislike the three ft rule because it’s reductive - under nasty conditions (poor road surface, faster traffic) we need more room.
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