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Every week, Aaron Cohen (@UnlikelyWords) writes a recap of Mad Men for his blog Unlikely Words, and I illustrate something from the episode to go with it. Here’s Aaron’s recap for season 6 episode 13:

[…] Peggy is bristling at the new dynamic, and, as it turns out the work being produced. I loved this, “Well, I’m tired of fighting for everything to be better. You’re all a bunch of hacks who are perfectly happy with shit. Nobody cares about anything. No one wants things to be better? I got it, I’ll just stand out here all by myself.” 

"For as long as I’ve been at the magazine, Outside has routinely been accused of milking Lance Armstrong’s popularity—and, eventually, his ruin—for our own gain."
— Chris Keyes of Outisde Magazine, once again milking Lance Armstrong for Outside’s own gain.
"I’ve heard some things about us that concern me. Some journalists will say anything. I can say that we have worked very hard together with the 25 riders of CSC in ten day training camps. Nobody worked like we did. We may have done the same number of kilometres as other teams, but ours were good kilometres!"

Bjarne Riis, responding to Boonen’s Gewiss comments.

And so it goes…

"I only saw Gewiss in action once. CSC reminds me of them."
Tom Boonen, 2004. 

And we were all like “naw, CSC is totally clean. It’s the boot camps!

Mickey F would like to remind you to drink your OJ.

(via Rouleur)

The Mur de Huy is so steep they need custom signage for it. Honest!

(actually, it’s from Houston. Thanks to James for passing it on. As he said “everything’s bigger in Texas”.)

  1. Camera: iPhone 4
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/1183th
  4. Focal Length: 3mm

Women’s Fleche pre-race interviews. Can’t help but feel like Specialized-Lululemon is planning shenanigans—”a lot of options”, “put on a good show”, “perhaps some surprises”.


The best trophy in cycling? @ashleygruber and I think so. #trobroleon

I dunno, it can sometimes be a handful…


MOVIE NEWS! A new trailer for The Fault in Our Stars will be shown in theaters before the movie The Other Woman, which comes out on Friday in the US.

Even though it’s ridiculous to pay for a full movie just to catch the trailer for another, it’s STILL easier than watching most bike races live in the US.

Someone’s old-school. (cc: @velonews ) (at Keney Park)