The Cross Vegas men’s recap was wrapped up last night. For those of you scoring at home, that’s 4 videos in 5 days since Monday, and 3 videos in 2 days Thursday/Friday.

And I even managed to race bicycles today.

This from a course that was, rounding up, 4% mud. Fortunately, I have a nozzle at my house—which is more than I can say for the single, piss-trickle garden hose on hand at the race course

The mud definitely had impact on how the course ran, coming after a long descent and before a flat straightaway and mostly pedal-able tape maze. But the change was probably minimal, given that 96% of the rest of the race was hard, dusty, and fast. Plus a very, very similar effect could have been had by simply routing the course through the the soft-but-not-flooded terrain around the mud section. 

The dusty section immediately after the mud hard-caked anything even remotely moist in seconds. A lot of water went into cleaning this bike, and my clothes, and me, in a region that doesn’t have much of it. I’m also not psyched to assess exactly how much damage this did to my rims, pads, drivetrain, etc.

Mud is part of cyclocross. And since I now live in a high-plains dustbowl, it must be a very exciting thing for everyone to see. But 15 seconds of mud for mud’s sake? Didn’t really do it for me.

If I were hell bent on adding such a novelty to my event, I’d at least make damn sure I had a fast, efficient way for competitors to clean off afterward.

Sabrina taking out her frustration at being left out of the latest #twib (at SufferCottage)

And of course, we got that #crossvegas #htrww for you, too, over at Behind the Barriers

Announcing teams are what separates the good races from the good races with less-good announcing. And music.

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1 of 2 times I’ve ridden without a bike helmet since 2009. Busted.

Fact: I have ridden that same bicycle, on that very path.

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Obviously, this #twib includes the #htrww from Jens’ Hour Record. 


Someday, I’ll sit down with Robbie McEwen and some #HTRWW sprints so he can tell me how wrong I am.

Seriously, this is really cool. Like DVD commentary from a movie director for Euro CX season. Well done. 

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"We stood up and fought for what was right. Twenty-five years ago it was NFL players that set out to make the game clean by asking for and collectively bargaining the first drug testing policy in professional sports."

My favorite part is how the inspection paradoxically made the box far less secure. Anyone could have dropped anything into there. 

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